Teresita Bernocco Sartori

Teresita Bernocco Sartori began painting in 1968, during the years he studied and continuously updates, helping develop in Italy the Square Oil Springs Shaders.
In 1988 the wedge shop opens Tessa Porcelain with adjoining studio, where they are required, from the very beginning, regular courses of painting on porcelain, glass, cloth, wood, Terra cotta, watercolor on paper, etc.

In collaboration with a French teacher in Marseille, was created F.A.D.E.P.P. - French Artists Decorators Association Teachers of painting on porcelain - which Teresita is founding member and honorary.
From the year 1996 holds the post of Vice President of a I.D.I.P.P., Italian Association of teachers and decorators on porcelain painting.
Listed at for years, Confartigianato is delegated to women entrepreneurs and Group Head Category potters. In recent years it has been called to hold seminars and demonstrations in Italian and foreign schools.


Monica Sartori Revello

Graduated from First Liceo Artistico Statale in Turin and later graduated at the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti, the course of study "scenography".
After attending a two-year course of specialization to support teachers, enters the world of the public school.

In the year 2002 role passes as a teacher of history of art, design and architecture, meanwhile, following in the footsteps of his mother, he started painting on porcelain; in addition, specializes in manufacturing techniques like pasta and salt, earthenware, glass fusing, Tiffany glass machining.
Its distinctive note is painting on porcelain, thanks to the technique that you designed that allows her to get in a few years, accolades and awards in national and international exhibitions, where he compares with the best artists in the world. His works of painting, carefully researched, are made with utmost care and are recognizable to the technical perfection and the focus for details.